Manuela Mollwitz

the nature of women

Manuela Mollwitz was born in 1964 in Hamburg, Germany, where she was started very early in the art. In 2000 she moved to Milan to study ad Brera Academy of Fine Arts. Then she moved to Lugano, Switzerland, and focused on her studies and works.

The artist is always looking for new ideas by changing, experimenting and refining, in order to offer the public a variety of paintings and sculptures, each with a strong personal touch of uniqueness and originality.


1983 – Degree in pedagogy, “Fachschule für Sozialpädagogik “, Hamburg, Germany

1983 – Photography Studies, “Kunstschule für Grafik und Design”, Hamburg, Germany

2000 – Degree in painting , “Accademia di belle Arti di Brera”, Milan, Italy

2002 – Two years studies of naked subjects, “Accademia di belle Arti di Brera”, Milan, Italy

2006 untill today, several sculpture courses at the artistic foundries in Ticino, Switzerland


2019 – Biennale di Venezia, hosted by European Cultural Center, Venice, Italy, 2019 DETAILS

2018 – “ bassOTTOday ” (dachshund day) Schweizerische Dachshund Club – WOPART fair, Art on paper, Lugano DETAILS

2017 – Black & White, Hotel Splendid Royal, Private event, Lugano DETAILS

2017 –TOP MODEL TICINO, ” OTTO” Art performance, Lugano DETAILS

2017 –Teleticino, “In Onda Con Voi”, TV interview, Melide, Svizzera DETAILS

2017 –” JAB “, Private Event, Lugano

2017 –” Women Creativity “, Swiss Diamond Hotel, Morcote, Switzerland

2017 – “ Tolle-Art und Weise ” gallery, Rehetobel, Switzerland DETAILS

2017 – “ Swiss Beauty Expo ” , Creator of the Grammy Awards, Lugano, Switzerland DETAILS

2016 – ” Mir Arte “, Perseo Artistic Foundry, Mendrisio, Switzerland DETAILS

2016 – “ Animal Mania ”, Private Event, Lugano, Switzerland DETAILS

2015 – “ L’energia è movimento “, Showroom “LeChic”, Lugano, Switzerland DETAILS

2015 – “ La belezza sublime di una passione infinita ”, UBS Bank, Lugano, Switzerland DETAILS

2014 – Hannover Gallery, Hannover, Germany DETAILS

2013 – Rebecca Ardessi, Fine Jewels, St. Moritz

2007 – “ Tracce ”, UBS Bank, Lugano, Switzerland

2004 – “ Muzzano in Arte ”, Muzzano, Switzerland



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